Keeping the media informed

Interviewing a mother affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Providing current and accurate information to
the media and the public is crucial for Save the Children and our work.

In the Philippines where the aftermath of natural disasters and the plight of vulnerable children hit the news regularly, it is crucial that the media and the wider community stay informed about the issues and challenges facing children.

Save the Children regularly posts press releases and reports to inform the media about our programs, responses to humanitarian crises, campaigns and community initiatives.

Media contacts

Our media team can answer journalists' queries about our work and provide you with all the facts and figures on issues affecting children in the Philippines. Please email your questions and contact details to:

Press releases

Read our press releases for the latest news about our programs in the Philippines, our current humanitarian relief efforts and activities we're leading in the wider community.


Download our reports and publications which are full of the latest information about the current needs of children both in the Philippines and worldwide, our work and how we drive global action.

Our Media and Communications Team

April Sumaylo, Head of Media and Communications

Joan Del Mundo, Information and Communications Coordinator

Kim Rodriguez, Campaigns and Media Coordinator

If you are not a member of the media, go to our Contact Us page.