WATCH: Calm, alert, ready to serve


Did you panic easily as a child?

Well, not these kids from Iloilo.

During disaster drills, they remain calm, alert, and ready to serve. Their number one rule is to never panic. 

Meet BERT or the Batang Empowered and Resilient Team, a group of students from various schools who are educating their classmates and families on climate change and disaster preparedness. 

The BERT kids train fellow children using art, song, and dance. They also stage plays to demonstrate what to do before, during, and after earthquakes, flood, fire, or any other emergency. 

Some BERT kids are as young as 10 years old, while others are a bit older, ranging from 12 to 13. All of them, however, can provide first aid and emergency response.

In total, Save the Children trains around 100 BERT kids. With your support, we can reach even more children. 

Kids in emergencies

bert photo 2

The Philippines is often hit by typhoons, among other calamities. 

Children suffer the most during these times. 

Their schooling is not the only thing interrupted, but also their access to clean water and nutritious meals. Often times, they’re also robbed of spaces where they can rest, play, and feel safe. 

Aside from our BERT program, Save the Children is also protecting children by making sure that their needs are always met, especially in times of crisis.

Save the Children supports the Children's Emergency Relief and Protection Act (RA 10821), from its inception in Congress and until now – making sure children are actually benefiting from this law.

Together, let’s come up with more creative ways to empower children!