WATCH: Why do you save the children?


Meet Cheeko, a teacher-turned-humanitarian.

Prior to joining Save the Children as the Communication Officer for Mindanao, Cheeko was a teacher. He taught Mass Communication in college. He also volunteered as an English teacher in Tanzania, East Africa.

Cheeko's love for communication and storytelling has led him to a new career path: saving children.

cheeko-w-kidCommunications play a vital role in any organization, it ensures that all the information the organization uses, shares, and produces are factual and evidence-based.

It is also important in ensuring that the communities and the children themselves are heard, enabling the to share their own ideas and thoughts with their peers, the government, and organizations they are working with.

Having grown up in Mindanao himself, Cheeko wants other Filipinos to stop discriminating children from Mindanao. He wants to break the stereotypes against his hometown. 

Find out what it's like to be a communications practitioner. This is Cheeko's story: