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WATCH: I want to be a social worker when I grow up

Save the Children talks to Jackie, a 15-year-old girl who uses her experiences as a disaster survivor as an inspiration for serving others

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WATCH: Calm, alert, ready to serve

Save the Children meets Iloilo grade-schoolers who are teaching kids how to prepare for emergencies. To educate others, they use art, song and dance.  

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BERT facilitator, Ashley, demonstrates the function of coloured flags as early warning signs during typhoons.
Children in disaster risk reduction

Ashley is a grade five student of Siempreviva Elementary School. She and her family live just a few meters away from the coastline. Ashley’s home and school were both damaged by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

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Gayle, 12, teaching her schoolmates during one BERT session activity.
Teaching preparedness to children

Skills and knowledge, self –confidence, leadership, and helping others.

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Building sustainable livelihoods

Ardy, 44 years old, lives in Carles, a municipality famous for its rich fishing grounds. Ardy used to earn money by planting and selling bananas in the local market. He also bought fish from ports and sold it in their community for a higher price.

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A local champion for children

Andresa, 53, an experienced legislator in Maribojoc, Bohol, has been one of the ‘champions’ of children’s participation in disaster risk reduction in the local legislative council.

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Youth in Livelihood Program

Cyril, 23, has been taking informal jobs since high school to support his parents. From doing direct selling, construction work, and working as tricycle driver, Cyril tried nearly everything to make ends meet.

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Inspiring future leaders

At the early age of 11, Princess is already helping other children know the importance of being informed, prepared, and resilient during calamities.

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CBM Directors visit children in Leyte

Save the Children hosted the visit of some top-level representatives from CBM in Typhoon Haiyan-hit Leyte province

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Broadcasting workshop for children

“Children’s Voices in Media” aims to build on their skills for public speaking, and provide a venue for them to speak and be heard

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