Policies that protect children

Save the Children policies protect children

Our policies, procedures and guidelines ensure we uphold the integrity of our work and that we are always working in the best interests of children.

Save the Children's policies and procedures guide our employees in understanding their roles and responsibilities to children and assist them in positively and respectfully engaging and empowering children and families.

Here's a snapshot of some of Save the Children's policies:

Our Child Safeguarding Policy
Our Child Safeguarding Policy outlines our responsibilities as an organization for protecting and promoting the rights of children.

Our Code of Conduct
Every Save the Children employee and volunteer is required to sign our Code of Conduct. This informs employees of our expectations, protects the children we work with and keeps everyone accountable.

Our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy explains how we record and store personal information and uphold the confidentiality of those who support and work with Save the Children.