Directing improvements for children

Save the Children staff

We have ambitious long-term goals to help support hundreds of thousands of children in the Philippines – giving them the chance to fulfill their potential.

Our Senior Management team, led by Ned Olney, our Country Director, is responsible for shaping our goals and ensuring we achieve them. The team is also guided by and held accountable to the Save the Children International Board.

Each Director leads a section of the organization and has managers and staff – across the Philippines – who support them in their role. Our Directors are responsible for leading the direction of Save the Children’s work and nurture the daily commitment of our employees.

Ned Olney
Country Director

Michael McTernan
Director of Fundraising

Lorna Umali
Director of Human Resources and Admin

Edwardo Estoque
Director of Finance

Rowena Cordero
Deputy Country Director of Program Development and Quality

Michel Rooijackers
Deputy Country Director of Operations