Gifts that give children reason to celebrate

Happy girl at a party

If you're organising a party to mark a birthday, wedding or anniversary, why not consider a celebration donation. Ask your guests to make a donation to Save the Children instead of buying you a gift.

More and more these days, people invite their guests to make a donation to benefit a cause rather than receiving presents for special occasions. Turning your celebration into a chance to help children will make it even more memorable for both you and your guests.

Organising your event

Marking your special occasion is easily done - visit our SimplyGiving page and set up your own online donation page. Click here to discover how easy it is to organise. This means guests who can’t make the event can still donate. You can include information about your event and why you've chosen to support Save the Children on your donation page. Email it to your friends and family both in the Philippines and overseas so they can leave you a special message along with their donation.

Contact us

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