Voicing your support for children

Keeping families safe in emergencies

You, our supporters, are the heart of Save the Children, and together, we can be the voice for children in the Philippines.

Save the Children runs campaigns to highlight the challenges that Filipino children and their families face so that together, we can take action to create lasting change on their behalf.

Our current campaign: BE PREPARED!

We're doing all we can to save and improve the lives of children and families affected by emergencies, and our Disaster Risk Reduction programs are helping communities and government leaders prepare for future disasters. But the first step is to encourage people to be ready before disaster strikes. This change starts with YOU!

Sign our "Be Prepared" pledge NOW! We’ll send you three simple steps to keep your family safe in emergencies, and we'll keep you updated on future campaigns where you can take action on behalf of children in the Philippines.

During emergencies, health services are put under enormous pressure, barely coping with injuries caused by typhoons, earthquakes or conflict. Often, families flee to safer areas. For pregnant women, giving birth in disaster-affected areas not only puts them at risk from life-threatening complications but their babies too. That's why disaster preparedness is so vital for children and communities. Click here to see how Save the Children is working with communities to help them prepare for future disasters, as well as giving them the tools to help children stay safe.