July is Nutrition Month

In 2015, over a third of Filipino children under five years old were too short for their height. They are known as “stunted” children. Stunting is caused by malnutrition, or the lack of proper nutrition. This affects not only children’s physical growth but also their brain development. 

When children are stunted during their first two years of life, the damage on their physical and mental health becomes permanent and irreversible. As adults, they are more prone to illnesses, hence they face more difficulties in finding jobs.

Stunting deprives children of a fair shot at life. At worst, some children don’t make it to their fifth birthday. But we can prevent this, with your help.


Save the Children’s Lahat Dapat campaign calls on the Philippines to end child malnutrition and its effects like stunting.  We believe that hunger and malnutrition are highly preventable, and we must work together to eliminate the root cause of the problems.

We hope to bring together everyone and anyone who aspire for a future where no Filipino child is left behind. We believe that if we – the national and local government, the private sector, the media, civil society and the academe – work together, ending malnutrition is possible.

Your support is crucial to the success of our campaign. The first thing you can do is to break the silence on child malnutrition. Help us raise awareness by joining our #LahatDapat campaign.

To keep our programs running, we will need your support. For as low as Php 25 a day, you can already help save the children. Donate online and invite others to do so. Our process is quick, safe and hassle-free.

We welcome corporate partners who would like to support Save the Children’s programs on hunger and nutrition, which are also linked with our projects on education, emergencies, and child protection.

Lastly, you can help us serve more children by holding your very own fundraising events. All ideas are welcome; it could be a marathon, a spoken word event, gigs, art exhibits, or bake sales. All efforts are much appreciated.


Where does your money go?

Your support will enable us to continue training health workers across the country who are at the frontlines of delivering life-saving services for infants and children. Poor health stems from misinformation. With your help, we will be able to provide nutrition education among school children and their parents.

We also provide reproductive health and nutrition services for mothers, in order to help improve the country’s state of maternal health.

Save the Children strives to contribute to the Philippines’ fight against child malnutrition by producing evidence-based reports.

We are conducting the first ever Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) project in the National Capital Region, with Brgy. North Bay Boulevard North (NBBN) in Navotas City as our pilot site. Our CMAM project aims to identify and treat malnourished children in the barangay, an urban poor community of informal settlers.

There is a lot that we can achieve by working together. With you by our side, we can save the children.