When an emergency strikes, Save the Children responds as soon as possible to ensure children have access to life-saving essentials such as clean water, shelter, and food.

We also provide families with health care and ensure children are safe from harm and able to continue their education. When an emergency occurs, the faster we can respond the more lives we can save.

Emergency supplies that save lives

So we can respond immediately, Save the Children stores equipment needed for children to survive in the aftermath of a disaster. In the Philippines, we have three major warehouses stocked with emergency supplies that are essential for the first hours and days after a disaster strikes.

For many families, disasters take everything from them. We often distribute temporary shelters for families whose houses have been destroyed, and simple items such as soap and detergent, or household equipment to enable people to cook and store water.

We also use boats during floods to transport people and equipment and ensure children can continue to access their school. We also have tents that can be used as temporary learning spaces for children so they can continue their education even if their schools are damaged.

Responding quickly

We raise funds before disasters strike so we can respond as quickly as possible without having to wait for donations.