Creating better lives for Filipino youth

In the Philippines, Save the Children works with young people to build their skills and help them access opportunities to improve their lives.

Every year throughout the Philippines, young people between the ages of 13 and 18 drop out of school all too easily - leaving them with few skills and little chance of improving their future. Many drop out because the school curriculum and teaching methods are not engaging enough, and often, parents welcome the extra set of hands to help with the daily chores. 

Our Adolescent Learning program

We know sometimes young people just need a little help to get themselves back on track to a better life. Young people can benefit greatly from programs that take an overall approach in supporting their social, emotional and educational needs. Save the Children is engaging with young adults both in and out of school by developing their life skills such as decision-making and problem-solving to help them cope with the demands of everyday life. Our Alternative Learning System, using the Department of Education's educational modules, ensures adolescents gain the basic literacy and numeracy skills they need.

Save the Children also provides young adults with vocational skills training - all from cooking and carpentry to electronics and plumbing. Once trained, our job referrals and community enterprise development projects gives them a chance to use the tools they have and to turn things around.