Education in emergencies

Children standing in their local school after Typhoon Yolanda

Countless children in the Philippines are affected by emergencies every year. With natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes, and upheavals such as armed conflict, children suffer when school buildings are destroyed, lives are lost or severely disrupted, and people forced to flee to safety.

The outcome - children miss out on education for weeks or months, and this means they miss out on opportunities to grow and develop.

Our Education in Emergencies projects support the Department of Education when it comes to handling the education needs of children and schools during an emergency. When schools are destroyed In 2013, Save the Children organised and conducted teacher front-line training in seven regions and four district offices - training 200 teachers. Save the Children also helped the Department of Education in educational material pre-positioning. Save the Children has also deployed some 80 tents to various typhoon- and flood-prone regional offices so they are at hand to be used as temporary learning centres.