Juanita - proud vegetable farmer

Juanita, 38, tends to her vegetable garden every day. She learned the techniques of vegetable gardening through training sessions held by Save the Children and has turned into a full-fledged vegetable farmer.

Through sheer perseverance and hard work - and using every available space in her backyard - Juanita now harvests more than enough vegetables for her family's daily nutritional needs. The extra harvests bring in additional income as she sells the surplus at the local market. In fact, Juanita earns an average of PHP2,000 a week from selling her produce. “The amount I earn from selling vegetables is saved for my daughter’s college education,” she says proudly.

“People might think I’m crazy when they see me talking to the plants in my backyard garden. It is just my way of caring for the vegetables that have given my family so much already,” Juanita shares. “Not only do we earn income, our entire family bonds together – especially myself and my husband because we share the tasks in the garden. My day is never wasted as there is always something to do!"