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Save the Children is building better and safer lives for children in Luzon with our programs mainly centred around two vulnerable provinces - Aurora and Metro Manila.

Aurora province is amongst the top ten provinces in the Philippines most vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Our work in Aurora is based around long-term humanitarian recovery work and Disaster Risk Reduction programs. Last year, Typhoon Utor hit the province with 200km/h winds, bringing heavy rains and a storm surge - causing damage to roads, homes and schools and impacting children’s lives. By increasing communities’ resilience to disasters and improving their disaster preparedness, we’re making the situation better and safer for children living there.

In Metro Manila and its surrounding areas, our programs are more diverse. We are providing a wide variety of education opportunities for disadvantaged children growing up in impoverished urban areas, ranging from early childhood development through to basic education and Adolescents Learning. We are also addressing childhood malnutrition through our playgroups - making parents aware of the need to provide nutritious food to their young children.

Our program scope has also expanded to include child protection and child rights governance – teaching children about their rights and giving them a voice. In addition, we are continuing our Disaster Risk Reduction work in the Manila area to ensure children and the communities they live in are prepared when the next disaster hits. Our emergencies program is still addressing the recovery stage of the Manila flooding last year.