A young man’s mission to save children

Save the Children asks one of its fundraising frontliners why he keeps doing what he does. Today we talk to Daniel Ray Rogando and this is his story

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A young man’s mission to save children

Daniel arrives early at a supermarket, not for grocery shopping but to meet fellow child rights advocates.

Wearing a bright red shirt, Daniel is hard to miss. Proudly, he sports his shirt bearing the phrase, “Save the Children.” Daniel works as one of Save the Children’s face-to-face fundraisers, who are on the frontlines of introducing our work and advocacies to the public.

Frontliners help keep Save the Children’s life-saving and life-changing programs running by gaining the trust and support of the public.

As a frontliner, Daniel promotes our projects on health, nutrition, emergencies, education, and child protection. He also raises awareness on issues surrounding children’s rights such as child abuse, malnutrition, and poverty.

Through face-to-face interactions in supermarkets, malls, hospitals, and other public spaces, Save the Children frontliners are determined to raise funds and awareness for children. These encounters also give Save the Children a chance to meet potential donors, corporate partners, and supporters.

Frontliners serve as the face of Save the Children, representing the organization wherever and whenever.

Dedicated people like Daniel represent the voice of the most vulnerable children across the Philippines. We hope you can lend your ears.


Passion knows no age. You can never be too young or too old to go after your passion. Daniel, at only 21, is going after his – children’s rights.

Daniel is among Save the Children’s youngest frontliners, but this doesn’t limit him. For him, it’s better to start acting on your passions while you’re young. “You can be a positive influence to others,” he said.

A year after graduating from the De La Salle University, Daniel delved into photography as a freelancer. “As a photographer, I also see the conditions of Filipino children,” said Daniel. “I realize a camera is powerful, but I can do even more to help.”

Soon after, Daniel joined Save the Children’s face-to-face fundraising team. “Our determination as frontliners keeps us going,” he added. “Thanks to Save the Children’s donors, we’re changing more lives. Our collective efforts are all worth it.”

Daniel admits that his job can get tough, however, the results are rewarding. “Especially when I meet supporters who are as passionate as me when it comes to children’s rights,” Daniel said.

He hopes that the public would think twice before ignoring frontliners like him. After all, sharing a few minutes of your time could already make a big difference in children’s lives.

“If we don’t listen and lend our hands to children, they might not reach their fullest potentials,” Daniel said. “These children might someday become doctors who will save the lives of even more Filipino children. So we need to invest in them now.”

Daniel still has a long day ahead of him as shoppers begin to crowd the supermarket. The young man, however, remains optimistic and believes that people would hear him out. Daniel, like his fellow fundraisers, believes in the kindness of people.

Whenever he feels tired, Daniel reminds himself that the future of Filipino children depends on adults like him, but our future as a country depends on today’s children.

If you’re interested in becoming a fundraising frontliner, you may apply here. We’ll be happy to welcome you to our Save the Children family!

For those who want to learn more about Save the Children’s programs, you can read our stories here. You can also support children by making an online donation or becoming a corporate partner.

Together, we can save the children!

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