WATCH: Aren't they too young?

What happens to a girl’s dreams when they’re forced into early marriage?

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Can you believe that child marriage still exists today?

In the Philippines, 9.7% of girls ages 15 to 19 are already married or in some kind of union.

Some cases of arranged marriages, however, are not documented.

This not only happens in the Philippines, but all over the globe. In fact in some countries, girls as young as 10 are married off to much older men.

Globally, every 7 seconds, one girl under 15 years old is married.

What would then happen to their dreams?

Aren't they are too young?

A girl’s life

Arranged marriage forces many girls to quit school.

It may also lead to early pregnancy, forcing girls to become mothers when they’re not yet ready.

Such conditions can make them vulnerable to abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and childbirth problems.

Arranged marriages can negatively impact a child's psychological, emotional, and physical well-being.

It disrupts education, health, and basically, childhood.

Let children be children.

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