WATCH: Can boys support girls’ rights?

Save the Children talks to 5th graders Ashley and Jessa on what it takes for them to reach their dreams.

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Meet Jeric, a 15-year-old boy from Leyte.

Jeric is already making waves as a women’s rights advocate. In particular, he wants to reduce teenage pregnancy in his community.

Unwanted pregnancy resulting from unsafe sex is largely attributed to the Filipino youth’s lack of access to modern contraceptives and appropriate sexuality education.

Many young Filipinos also feel that they have no one to talk to, since their parents and local health workers remain mum on the issue of safe sex. The youth then seeks answers elsewhere. Unfortunately, this often results to misinformation.

We first met Jeric in the aftermath of a typhoon. Save the Children was there to address the needs of children affected by disasters, as well as to educate them on their rights.

We also listened to what children had to say about the problems surrounding their communities. Jeric was among those who spoke about teenage pregnancy.

Save the Children is continuously meeting and training children like Jeric because of your support. We’re forever grateful to our donors, corporate partners, and supporters from all over the Philippines and the globe.

Jeric is just one example of how our collective efforts are empowering Filipino children. Remember that you’re directly investing on children like Jeric – on their present and their future.

With you by our side, we’ll be able to make more youth leaders out of Filipino children!

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