WATCH: Dad's role in raising children

Meet Jomarie, a young father of 4. He encourages other dads to step up their efforts in caring for their children.

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What’s daddy’s role?

In the Philippines, some families think that childcare and household chores are solely done by mothers. Meanwhile, a father’s only role is to “bring home the bacon.”

This, of course, is untrue and unfair.

Unfortunately, such misconception continues to reign among several Filipino households.

In Manila, we met a young man who’s determined to change such mindset. Jomarie believes that women should never be confined to just one role.

He also wants to prove that dads should be as capable, involved, and responsible as moms are.

Dad's role in raising children

Sharing the load

Jomarie’s day starts even before the sun rises.

Their pet rooster serves as an alarm clock. The young father exits their makeshift home to start cooking breakfast.

He bends over and sits on his feet, waiting for rice to cook. Jomarie’s family doesn’t own a stove; they cook outdoors using charcoal.

“I take care of our four children,” Jomarie said in Filipino. “I also do the laundry, I bathe the kids, I cook.”

His wife currently works in a small shop selling roast chicken. This month, it’s his wife who is working fulltime.

“If I’m the one with a job, my wife and I switch tasks,” Jomarie explained. “We just alternate.”

When jobs are available, Jomarie earns as a construction worker.

Proud dad

Jomarie doesn’t shy away from domestic work. In fact, he takes pride in knowing how to run a household.

“Fathers shouldn’t be ashamed of doing these,” Jomarie said. “We should do whatever our wives are doing because we can also do it,” he advised other dads.

“I think women and men can both care for kids, work, and strive,” he shared.

Once the rice was cooked, Jomarie’s children got out of bed, with the 11-month-old baby the first to make noise. Jomarie tended to the baby, then started dressing up his other children ages 3, 4, and 6.

Aside from household tasks, Jomarie also ensures he’s involved with playing, listening, and talking to his children.


Parenthood should not place all childcare responsibilities on women alone.

Save the Children believes that both parents play crucial roles in shaping children’s lives.

As part of our Parent Education Sessions, we train mothers and fathers on proper childcare, hygiene, health, and nutrition.

Help us inspire more fathers like Jomarie.

Your simple donation can help us reach and train more dads across the country.

Empower parents, save children!

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