WATCH: How art books can save the children

Save the Children receives 2,000 art books from CANVAS, a non-profit organization promoting Philippine art and culture.

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How powerful are books?

Powerful enough to change children’s lives.

We at Save the Children believe that books are essential not only in educating children, but also in empowering and encouraging them to be who they want to be.

Through books, we wish to deepen children’s love for learning.

In December 2016, Save the Children received 2,000 art activity books from CANVAS (Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development).

CANVAS is a non-profit organization promoting Philippine culture. It works with local artists in creating and publishing children’s books.

“We’re happy to have Save the Children help us in distributing the books to various children who are underprivileged and need the books,” said Annette Ferrer of CANVAS.

We will be giving these books to Filipino children affected by disasters across the country.

How art books can save the children


“We believe that children can really learn by themselves if they learn and love how to read,” Ferrer explained.

“The Philippines has a high literacy rate, but it doesn’t mean they really understand what they’re reading,” Ferrer added. In fact, several Filipino children are growing up without books. (READ: Bata, bata, paano magbasa?)

CANVAS wants children to love reading by “combining good stories with great art.”

Save the Children is proud and thankful to have CANVAS as one of our partners. We look forward to working with more advocacy groups who share our mission.

Save the Children is actively looking for innovative collaborations with organizations that share our vision of a better world for children. Contact our Corporate Partnerships team and become a partner today.

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