WATCH: Nothing will stop this boy from enjoying school and basketball

Cedrick is an 8-year-old with Cerebral Palsy. With his mom’s help, he’s pursuing his love for sports and learning.

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This boy loves to play basketball.

He shoots hoops right inside their own living room. His mother made this mini basketball court just for him.

He is Cedrick, an 8-year-old boy from Manila. Every now and then, cousins and neighbors visit him for a few rounds of basketball.

Nothing will stop this boy from enjoying school and basketball

“This is his favorite game,” Cedrick’s mother, Lily Rose, said in Filipino. “He loves basketball even if he has difficulty in moving his hands.”

Cedrick has Cerebral Palsy, which means he has difficulties with body movement and muscle coordination.

“We don’t treat him as if he’s different from other children,” Lily Rose said, smiling. “I don’t find it difficult to raise my son.

When he’s not playing basketball, Cedrick loves to practice reading and writing.

Nothing will stop this boy from enjoying school and basketball

School’s for everyone

As of 2010, 1.57% of the Philippine household population had disability, according to the Census of Housing and Population.

This totals to around 1.4 million persons with disability (PWD).

For every 5 PWDs, 1 of them is between the ages of 0-14, the Philippine Statistics Authority reported.

Unlike Cedrick, not all Filipino children with disability are going to school. This is despite the fact that all children – no matter who they are or where they’re from – have the right to education.

In fact in the Philippines, only 1 in every 3 children with disability is in school. There are many reasons behind this statistic:

- Financial problems
- Fear of discrimination
- Lack of school facilities or teaching capacity
- Misinformation
- Lack of awareness regarding the rights of children with disability

We at Save the Children believe that all children have the right to enjoy learning. They all deserve love, respect, and support.

Our KASALI Project provides inclusive education for children with disability.

It also protects children from all forms of abuse and discrimination by training teachers and parents on the rights of children with disabilities.

Cedrick and his mom are part of the KASALI Project. Together, they’re raising awareness and setting a good example for their community.

All children deserve to explore and expand their potential. What we can do is to encourage and empower them further.

Together, let’s support inclusive education! Donate today, save lives.

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