WATCH: Putting a stop to child poverty

Save the Children talks to Abet, a 24-year old woman who worked in sugarcane farms as a child. Now a mother, she doesn’t want her kids to experience poverty like she did.

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Abet started working in sugarcane farms at age 10.

To bring extra income for her family, Abet toiled away despite her small and frail body. She never stopped since then.

From earning P50 per day as a child, her wages increased to P150 per day as an adult. Still barely enough, Abet worries that her children might fall into a similar faith.

Due to child poverty, Abet and her seven sibling were not able to finish school. Forced to work at an early age, Abet felt she had no choice but to drop out.

“But I won’t let that happen,” said Abet in Bisaya. “My mother was also a sugarcane farmer like me. I want my sons to have the power to choose what they want to be.”

Working too early

Abet’s story is not uncommon.

There are more than 2.7 million Filipino children ages 5 to 17 who are not in school, government statistics showed as of 2014.

Meanwhile, the government estimated that there are over 791,000 working Filipino children as of 2014.

We at Save the Children are working to keep children in school, providing them several opportunities to follow the path they truly desire.

Childhood they deserve

Together with our supporters, we’re making sure that all Filipino children can access their needs.

Each and every child deserves quality education; healthcare; proper nutrition and hygiene; love and care. To do this, we at Save the Children are empowering both children and their parents.

We aim to help families develop life-saving and life-changing knowledge and skills. We believe in the importance of parents having sustainable livelihoods, independence, initiative, and resilience.

In the Philippines, children remain the 3rd poorest basic sector, next to farmers and fisher folks.

We still have a lot of work to do, but with you by our side, we’re confident that soon enough we can give Filipino children the childhood they rightfully deserve. Sign up and be a regular supporter today.

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