WATCH: What can your Ten Pesos do?

See what your daily P10-donation can do in just 30 days.

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Can you spare P10 a day?

Every day, you could carry this much in your pocket without even noticing.

Some of us have coins collecting dust in our desks or at the bottom of our bags. Why not put your spare change to good use?

A daily P10-donation doesn’t seem much, but it can actually do so much.

It saves lives.

What can your Ten Pesos do?

Saving babies

Severely malnourished babies are at more risk of dying.

Malnutrition not only harms children's physical growth, but also their brain development. Without proper intervention, they might not even reach their 2nd birthday.

Save the Children’s malnutrition treatment program, dubbed as CMAM (Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition), treats kids under 5 years old with moderate or severe acute malnutrition.

In 2016, we treated 131 malnourished children in Navotas alone.

If we save kids from malnutrition, we’re giving them a better shot at life.

Healthy children, after all, perform better in class – and in whatever lies ahead.

What can your Ten Pesos do?

So how does your Ten Pesos help?

Your donation provides high-energy therapeutic food to children, essential in beating malnutrition. You also help maintain children’s good health during their recovery process.

Collectively, the daily P10-donation from Save the Children’s supporters help us train parents and community health workers on proper childcare, nutrition, and hygiene.

We also enhance the capacity of local health centers in handling child malnutrition cases.

What can your Ten Pesos do?


Do something meaningful today, join our #SpareBucks4Change workplace giving program.

#SpareBucks4Change allows you to share a small portion of your salary – as little as P300 per month – with children.

If you do the math, that’s just P10 per day.

The process is quick and hassle-free.

Your donation – any amount of your choice – will come from your monthly salary. All you have to do is sign up and your organization’s HR department will take care of the rest.

You can end your #SpareBucks4Change donation anytime, or change the amount as you like.

Let your organization set a good example to others. Hopefully, more companies will follow suit and join this cause.

With your support, we can soon expand our malnutrition treatment program to reach more children across the Philippines.

You have the power to shape a child’s future. See how far your P10 can go! Together, let’s save the children.

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