WATCH: Not all Filipino children are inside the classroom

Some are stuck at home, taking care of siblings. Others are working in farms or in the city, earning money for their families.

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Where else could they be?

Many places.

Some Filipino children stuck at home, doing household chores and taking care of younger siblings. And sometimes, kids of their own.

Meanwhile, others are out working in farms, factories, streets, mines, boats, and construction sites.

Many of them have no fixed working hours; they can be found toiling away at odd hours of the day.

Globally, there are 215 million children engaged in child labor, which includes work that’s damaging to their physical and mental health.

In the Philippines, 11.1% of children ages 5 to 14 are involved in child labor.

Child labor pulls children out of classrooms; keeping them away from their dreams and their right to live a decent life.

This needs to stop.

Not all Filipino children are inside the classroom

Dropping out

There are many explanations as to why a child leaves school.

Poverty, however, is among the top reasons.

When you are made to choose between food and education, it might be hard to prioritize the latter. A family after all, has to eat to survive.

This is why many Filipino children drop out of school.

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